Lying in the sun. Tanning.
Catching some rays.
Why do it?

girl wearing a hat

Some kids think a tan is cool. But the same rays that give you that “healthy” glow can give you a lot of other stuff that definitely isn’t cool.

Sunburn: Do you really want to look like a boiled lobster? You miss out on a lot of FUN, and it hurts, too!

Wrinkles: Do you want your skin to stay young and smooth, or would you really rather LOOK like an iguana?

Skin Cancer: Too much sun can give you cancer on your skin. It’s scary and gross, and, if you get it, you might have to have surgery. Sometimes, people can even lose their LIFE from skin cancer.

One person dies of melanoma every hour.

Hey, it’s Cool in the Shade.
Protect your skin. Protect yourself.